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Education is the gateway to success in life and schools are an essential part of educating a child. However, it is not the responsibility of the schools to take on the role of parents and schools are not responsible for a child’s education.

Parents are responsible for educating their children. Schools, books, guidance counselors, libraries, etc. are tools that our society provides to assist parents in one of the most critical jobs in our society; that of raising decent, law abiding, productive citizens.

Parents must have the choice of determining where and how their children are educated. They have an inherent responsibility to raise their children and must have commensurate authority and influence over their child’s education. Therefore I am a strong advocate both for school choice and for demanding excellence in our public schools.

My focus and priorities are educating the pupil, not propping up the system. Whether it is a public, charter, private, parochial, or home school doesn’t matter. The key factor is how well are the students being educated. I have never heard an argument against school choice that was based on placing the welfare of children first.

School choice alone will not fix the educational challenges we face. Parental involvement and homelife are the foundation upon which our civil society is built, and education is a key part.

There are many parents who neglect their children by not being appropriately involved in their formal education. Too often there is not enough emphasis placed on learning and achieving academic excellence. This must be addressed as well. There is an urgent need to help teach parents how to parent better, and how to effectively assist their children’s learning process.

Many parents who are struggling themselves have literacy issues and financial challenges as well, and we must assist those who are willing to accept help and put forth the effort required to improve their own lives and those of their children.

This challenge will not be easy to resolve; if it were, others would have done so already. However, it is worth the fight to save our children and improve our society. It must be done.

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Parental involvement and a nurturing homelife are essential to a successful education.

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