Affordable housing, our tree canopy and building wealth

Many politicians like to throw around the word equity but do little to actually ensure equity. As City Council President I will fight to change that.

There have been promises made and not kept to the legacy residences in areas like Grove Park, Edgewood, Vine City, and Mechanicsville. As we plan the future development of our city, I will fight to have more resources directed to the underserved and underdeveloped areas for the benefit of the current residences and not just for the developers.

We hear lots of talk about affordable housing, yet our current laws allow developers to destroy affordable housing along with our tree canopy. It is time to live up to our expressed values by taking effective action to protect legacy residents, both renters and homeowners.

It is time to enact programs that incentivize the construction of affordable housing that facilitates homeownership, because it is through homeownership that working class people can build intergenerational wealth, restore their communities, and become self-sufficient.

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