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Mike Russell Announces Candidacy for Atlanta City Council President

Black, gay, veteran with 28 years of law enforcement experience advocates for immediate action against out-of-control crime and reform of Atlanta Police Department.

Portrait of Mike Russell from Press Release
Mike Russell. Photo credit: Caroline Smith

Atlanta, GA - Army veteran and small business owner Mike Russell announced his candidacy for Atlanta City Council President today.

“I am running to make Atlanta safer and better for everyone. The first responsibility of government is to safeguard its citizens and our current city government is failing in that regard. Atlantans deserve to feel safe in their homes, places of business and in the streets of their neighborhoods. Due to missteps, misguided actions, and a confrontational relationship between many in city government, the crime in our city is out of control and the situation is not being effectively dealt with. As City Council President I will use my leadership abilities, knowledge of law enforcement and negotiating skills to bridge the divide between city hall, the City Council, the Atlanta Police Department, and the residences of Atlanta to develop and implement viable commonsense solutions that will return our city to normalcy”.

Mike Russell, 59, served for 28 years in the U.S. Army as a military police officer retiring with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Over the span of his career, he held various positions of leadership both here in the U.S. and abroad. He has vast law enforcement experience from local to international level operations. In addition to serving as a Provost Marshal (chief of police and fire operations), he performed duties as a garrison operations officer (responsible for city management), was responsible for training 1000 new military police officers annually and led international negotiations in Europe and the Middle East.

Russell is the only openly gay candidate running for Atlanta City Council President.

His priorities: fighting crime, accountability and government transparency, competent and effective management of resources, improving infrastructure and city services, and reimagining and improving schooling.

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