7 Solutions to return safety to our streets

Did you see this headline in the AJC? Another statistic indicative of the many tragedies on our streets. All candidates for City Council President will tell you public safety is their first priority, but I'm the only one with law enforcement experience.

Screenshot of AJC Article titled 59% jump in homicides in 2020 vs 2019

I am a veteran with 28 years of service in the US Army. I have served as a police chief at military bases around the world. Others talk about community policing, I’ve done it. I am about common sense, effective results.

Seven ways to make Atlanta safer:

  1. Most guns used in criminal activity are stolen from vehicles. On day one I will present changes to the city ordinances to make breaking into a vehicle a serious offense. No more signature bonds.

  2. On day one I will propose changes in current laws that allow loopholes that troublesome venues are exploiting; this will shut down locations that have a history of violence, noise, and other code violations.

  3. Officers must be given more discretion to pursue and apprehend criminal suspects.

  4. Sworn officers engaged in administrative duties must return to law enforcement duties and funding provided by the city council to fill those admin positions with civilians.

  5. Funding for force multipliers like drones (and trained operators) must be made available immediately.

  6. The city council must immediately provide funding to retain a recruiting firm that will hire trained military law enforcement personnel that are leaving the service and police officers that retired early.

  7. Our police officers must know they will have the backing of their city leaders and will receive due process if an incident occurs. This will improve morale, aid with retention, and encourage officers to engage in proactive law enforcement once again.

I will use my extensive negotiating experience and skills to form strategic partnerships with our new mayor, police chief, DA, sheriff, other governmental and civil agencies such as the Atlanta Police Foundation, and the Prison Doctor Program to address the root causes of crime and develop an effective, proactive prevention /intervention program for at risk youth and their families.

My goal is for Atlanta to be the safest big city in the United States. We must start now! Please share this article with a friend or neighbor. Donate if you can, so we can spread this message to likeminded voters!

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