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Still leading the polls!

Excited to announce we're still leading in a second poll by 11Alive! Thanks for your support; I'm ready to make Atlanta safer and better for everyone as your City Council President!

Here are 5 ways you can help me to reach more people

  1. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, and like and share my posts

  2. Donate: advertising is the fastest way to reach tens of thousands of voters, so your contribution is much needed and appreciated

  3. Get a FREE Yard Sign: the best way to show your support and inspire neighbors.

  4. Bring a friend to an event or invite me to your event so I can talk to other Atlantans concerned with the crime: block parties, BBQ's, game night, luncheon or gallery. Write me at (I answer ALL my own emails)

  5. Tell a neighbor, friend or colleague about me and encourage them to check out my website!

And of course: don't forget to vote! Early voting is 12-24 October, Election Day is November 2nd.

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