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As Atlanta City Council President, I will advocate for a better city, not just a bigger or more densely populated city. My vision is to elevate our city to the next level, from sidewalks to security, excellence is the standard. We have to start with getting the basics right.


Public safety is the first responsibility of government, and it will be my first priority if I’m elected. We must get crime under control now. I served as the equivalent of a chief of police at military bases around the world. During my 28 years in the US Army I gained extensive knowledge in law enforcement and municipal management. I know what right looks like when it comes to law enforcement and providing city services. I have done it before and I will lead the city council to do it again here in Atlanta.


I will use my extensive experience, knowledge and leadership skills to lead the city council in its oversight role to ensure our police and fire departments are properly staffed, equipped and trained. I will advocate for changes in current laws that provide loop holds that troublesome venues are exploiting. This will shut down locations that have a history of violence, noise and other code violations. I will use my extensive negotiating experience and skills to form strategic partnerships with other governmental and civil agencies to address the root causes of crime.


How can we claim to be a world class city with crumbling sidewalks that flood every time it rains, ineffective trash pick-up, wooden utility poles that are remnants of the 1800s and streets with potholes that are hazardous to motor vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists? The current state of affairs is unacceptable, and I will work to ensure they are vastly improved so that Atlanta truly becomes a world class city.


During the budgeting process I will work to ensure each department lays out specific, measurable standards of performance and service to justify their requested funding, then hold the chief administrators accountable for meeting those standards. Those standards will be made public so taxpayers clearly know what to expect for their tax dollars.


A city is more than a collection of soulless towers and apartment buildings with a bike lane out front and an occasional coffee shop. We must preserve what is unique and desirable in our city while improving city services and crumbling infrastructure. Green spaces, the tree canopy, and single-family homes are just a few examples of what is desirable in our city, and they must be protected. Our current and proposed zoning laws do not provide adequate protection for our tree canopy or green spaces. This must change or they will be lost forever. Any changes to the current zoning laws should be postponed until after the election in November. Public hearings should be held by the new city council to allow for in person input from residences and advocacy groups. 


Many politicians like to throw around the word equity but do little to actually ensure equity. As City Council President I will fight to change that. There have been promises made and not kept to the legacy residences in areas like Grove Park, Vine City, and Mechanicsville. As we plan the future development of our city, I will fight to have more resources directed to the underserved and underdeveloped areas for the benefit of the current residences and not just for the developers.

I prefer Buckhead to remain a part of Atlanta. However, the final decision will be up to the residents of Buckhead and the only way we can keep Buckhead as part of Atlanta is to demonstrate the city can provide effective public safety and the city services we all pay for and rightfully expect to receive. I will use my experience to guide and assist the members of the council in developing policies and ordinances that facilitate improvements in policing and delivery of services.


I have been a peacemaker bridging significant conflicts in harsh environments to successful resolution and I will employ these same negotiation skills to work with the new mayor, county and state officials to implement viable solutions here in Atlanta.


No more empty promises or excuses for failure! It is time to make Atlanta safer and better for everybody. 

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My vision is to elevate our city to the next level, from sidewalks to security, excellence is the standard. We have to start with getting the basics right.

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